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Hello and welcome to The Candid Cashflow Podcast, I’m your host, Ava Fails. 🙂

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The Candid Cashflow Mission Statement

To demonstrate to listeners and readers TRUE and PROVEN ways to generate cashflow from on and offline endeavors while promoting content and offers that help others.

I started thinking about it sometime in 2015. I’m not even sure where I learned about podcasts first or when I started listening actively.

Writing has always been my schtick, so I’ve never really aspired to do video or audio. I started thinking about podcasting though. My only delay was lack of decent equipment. I knew my built-in laptop mic wasn’t going to work ideally.

I went shopping, and put a decent, but cheap mic in my Amazon Wish List. During the Christmas shopping season in 2017, that mic went on a lightning sale at a price I couldn’t resist, so I bought it.

Naturally, it was time to put it to use, so The Candid Cashflow Podcast was born. I never imagined it would be as easy and fun as it has been. As I’m setting up this page and making it a place in Ava World, I’m 4 episodes in and having a blast with it.

I look forward to getting better at it, and using it to build relationships and credibility online. I hope you’ll give a listen, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.


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