About Ava

about avaHi, I’m Ava. I’ve been working online now both part and full-time for more than a decade. The Internet is an amazing tool that gives anyone with access everything they need to create a business for themselves. I’m completely self-taught. My background is in graphic design, but it’s not what I’m best at. I started online in the service realm writing articles in 2006.

That same year, I landed a job as a technical writer for a large equipment rental company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was HUGE for me because my official job title then included “writer”. That’s what I became.

Since that time, I’ve written tons of online content as well as blogs and books for both others and myself. Being completely self-taught means that I’ve often found avenues that cost me time rather than money.

I have a specialized skill set that is really difficult to explain. For example, I can optimize, secure, and back up your WordPress blog for $0. I can also convert your WordPress site into an ecommerce or membership site for $0. I can get you started with list building for $0. Out of necessity I’ve figured out how to build assets for my business while not investing a ton of money.

Really, the only thing I’m not so great at is selling myself. This website is my attempt at doing that because underneath it all, I really want to help you succeed online. Contact me and let’s chat about how I can help you do that!

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