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Book formatting is a page-by-page process, and every layout is a custom job. No two manuscripts are exactly alike.

Making sure your readers have a seamless and pleasant experience is my goal.

I've outlined everything you need to know in easy-to-digest chunks below. Have a leisurely scroll through and see if my book formatting service is a fit for you and your self-publishing journey.

I've developed some packages to make book formatting an affordable part of your self-publishing process.

Book Formatting Service Packagesformatted by ava

I designed the Print Basic package for fiction works up to 80,000 words. It can also accommodate non-fiction, poetry, and memoirs within the same range. I will format your print book according to industry standard with fonts, layout elements, and a table of contents. Once complete, I will deliver a PDF ready to upload as well as a source file at no extra charge. All print packages include an eBook file that is formatted and ready to upload, also at no extra charge.

Print Plus is for those who just need a little more with their book formatting service. This package includes everything in the Print Basic package, plus the inclusion of up to 10 images in your manuscript provided by you. Print Plus will accommodate manuscripts up to 100,000 words.

Are you ready to go premium? The Print Premium package includes everything you get from Print Basic plus up to 25 images and extra formatting, such as chapter headings, drop caps, and/or block quotes. This package also includes extra eBook formats including mobi and ePub so you can publish wide.

Just need an eBook? The eBook Only package will handle books up to 80,000 words and provide you with a Word document that is ready to upload. If you plan to publish a print version in the future, keep in mind that all of our print packages include free eBook formatting.

NOTE: Any images provided for inclusion in your manuscript for print must be a minimum of 300 PPI. I may request that images be provided in a separate file in addition to your manuscript file.

When you're ready to get started, just click the button and reach out to me via my contact form. We can discuss your project and make sure my book formatting service is a good fit. Once things are finalized, I will invoice you for 50% up front and 50% upon satisfactory completion.

Interior text formatting

Table of Contents

Front Matter, chapter headings, page numbers

PDF + source file

eBook formatted file

Up to 80K words

Everything in Print Basic plus...

Up to 10 images

Up to 50K words

1 week free revisions


Everything in Print Basic plus...

Inclusion of 25 images

ePub and mobi file

Chapter icon, drop caps, block quotes

1 month free revisions

Word document ready to upload

+ ePub and mobi files

Text formatting

Up to 25 images

Clickable Table of Contents

Front matter, back matter


Any package

Unlimited revisions

Print and/or eBook

Images included


All prices are subject to change without notice. Complex projects may require additional fees. You can also request a custom package if you need to mix and match.


What kind of file do you need from me?

A docx file. Regardless of whether you're using Microsoft Word or something compatible like Google Docs or OpenOffice, we can open a docx file in Word. See more details about how your document should be formatted below.

Can you format my eBook?

Absolutely. All of our print book formatting service packages include a fully formatted eBook file ready to upload. We also have a separate eBook formatting package.

How long does it take to format my book?

eBooks of 80K words or less take 72 hours. Print books take significantly more time as I make many, many passes through your book page by page. It's a 2 week minimum for print.

Can you format my book faster?

Not really. It's just not a task that can't be rushed. If you need your book sooner rather than later, reach out and check my availability. If you have a shorter book without a lot of images, etc. I can work something out.

Do I edit before or after formatting?

Before. Formatting is the last step your manuscript goes through right before you upload it to your publishing platform. All editing, proofreading, tweaks, etc. should be done prior to formatting.

Can you handle a lot of images?

My packages are designed for 10 or 25 images. If you have more, just include that in your email when you click Get Started and we can discuss it in detail.

How many revisions do I get?

I will format a portion of your book as a sample and send that over for your approval. At this stage of the process, you get unlimited revisions. This is standard for all packages.

If your package includes a review and revise, I will submit the complete file for your review. At this stage, if we have deviated from the formatting we agreed on based on your sample, I will fix it at no charge.

The Print Plus and Print Premium packages have time limits on revisions, which will be strictly adhered to.

What if I just need to fix a small typo or two?

I will perform most edits at no additional charge, but this is at my own discretion.

What is this afpub or source file for?

That is an editable source file for your records should you choose to edit your formatted file yourself or hire someone else to do it in the future. The afpub extension is associated with Affinity Publisher. This is the software I use to design your book.

Why are there blank pages in my file?

I adhere to industry standard formatting and typesetting rules. Key content such as chapter beginnings always start on the right page. Sometimes, this means a blank left page.

Why do some of my pages not have any page numbers?

Some pages aren't supposed to have page numbers such as:

  • Table of Contents
  • Front matter such as title page, copyright page, etc.
  • Chapter beginning pages

Don't see an answer to your question? Keep reading or reach out!

If you are at some other step in the self-publishing process, I have knowledge and resources to help you every step of the way.

How My Book Formatting Service Works

It all begins with a Word document.

Don't have Word?

No problem.

Use a free Word compatible alternative such as LibreOffice or Google Docs. Just be sure to Save As or Export as a docx file.

Final edits should be complete, and your file should have minimal formatting. Here are a few basic guidelines:

  • No tabs. Most, if not all, publishing platforms will chew these up and spit them out all wrong
  • Keep styles at a minimum: title, subtitle, H1, H2, H3, normal
  • Do not include a Table of Contents
  • No fancy fonts. eReaders and reading apps allow the user to choose what font to read in

What I Need to Know

  • Trim size (for print only)
  • Preferred fonts - Traditionally, I use Arial for eBooks and Garamond or Adobe Caslon for print
  • Black and white or color? - Color printing is expense. Most self-publishers go for black and white. All eBooks are formatted in color
  • Any special formatting instructions you might have

What I'll Be Doing

I go through your book page-by-page looking for:

  • Widowed first lines and orphaned last lines
  • Line spacing errors
  • Justification errors
  • Hyphenation errors
  • Checking for word stacks (occurrences of the same word on top of each other)
  • Checking for rivers (spaces stacked on top of each other causing white space)

Most of the time, I'm working on one issue each time I go through your book. Once your book formatting is complete, I will have been through your book no less than 10 times.

Print formatting depending upon the length and complexity of your book can never be rushed and will take 2 to 4 weeks minimum.

Note: This is not 2 to 4 weeks full-time. You're looking at between 8 and 15 hours minimum.

What You Will Receive from Me

If you hire me to format your eBook, you'll get: 

  • A Word document ready to upload

This file can be uploaded to Amazon KDP, Google Play Books, Draft2Digital, IngramSpark, etc.

If you hire me to format your print book, you'll get: 

  • A PDF ready to upload
  • An editable source file in case you or someone you hire works on the print book in the future

NOTE: Your PDF will adhere to typesetting standard guidelines.

This may look wrong to you. For example:

      • No page numbers on Chapter start pages
      • Blank pages to allow for images or other elements to be all on one page (more common with non-fiction)
      • Blank left pages to allow book sections and chapters to always begin on the right

These are just a few of things that may look like mistakes in formatting, but aren't.

If you are publishing your print file via IngramSpark or Barnes & Noble Press, please let me know so I can provide additional files if needed.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

All of my client relationships begin with an email.

I'm also available via Discord and you'll find a link to that on my Home page.

I realize you may have questions, and that's great. I love answering them.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting started on your project.

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