Past Projects

I have had the privilege of working with many wonderful independent authors over the past decade. Helping them realize their dream of publishing a book is even more fulfilling than publishing my own. It's an honor to highlight their work here.

It's impossible to list everyone. Some clients have hired me for other types of work or for things on the backend like keywords and categories.


 Andy Wong

I've edited a few books for Andy. Andy is an author and investor. His work is clear, concise, and easy to understand. If you're looking for guides on real estate investing and more, you won't be disappointed with his books.

Dale L. Roberts

Dale is a leading authority in the self-publishing space. It has been my great privilege to work closely with Dale over the last 7 years. He creates stellar content for his YouTube channels, podcast, and his books are authoritative and complete.

William May

William is a real estate agent in California. His books offer simple and actionable information for new and seasoned agents. I did both editing and formatting for William.



I am proficient in both eBook and print formatting. eBook formatting is so simple, I usually include it free with print formatting and I even have a tutorial on how to do it yourself. For print formatting, I use Affinity Publisher.

Anar Mammanov

I had the fantastic opportunity to help Anar edit and format the amazing kids' books he authored with his 3 children. I also drew the storyboards for his illustrator who transformed my meager sketches into beautiful artwork.

Chuck Burton

I had a fantastic time learning a little about Chuck and formatting his three books. Here's an excerpt from his bio:

An old Northern California hippie and charter member of the Love Generation, Chuck Burton has been traveling around the world budget/backpack style for fifty years. His current areas of expertise are Mexico, Southeast Asia and India.

Joey Kaufmann

I got to work with Joey and format her book which has gone on to garner 5 stars on Amazon!

Simone Mueller

It's always a pleasure to work with Simone! Simone is a dog trainer and behavior consultant based in Germany. Her love for dogs and expertise in Predation Substitute Training is apparent. Her books offer concise methods with diagrams and photos to help you put her strategies into action. I really can't say enough nice things about her.


I've built many WordPress sites over the years. You're looking at one right now. Here is some of my more recent work.

Dale L. Roberts

Dale had me build all of his sites. What you will see with his sites is a nice clean interface focused on content.

Thomas A. Bradley

It was a privelege to work with Thomas! He's a gracious man with a talent for writing horror. His website is designed to reflect that.


Terry Bryant

I did a little bit of everything for Mr. Terry including his website, book covers (except the first one), editing, and formatting. Check out the simple man from rural Arkansas and go on a few adventures with him. You'll be entertained!

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