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Hey, thanks for reaching out! I so enjoy hearing from you. By filling out the form above, please know that your information will never be shared or sold. By contacting Ava, you are in no way opting into any sort of list or signing up to receive any kind of offers. Ava doesn't send that junk out anyway. This is simply a means to open a line of communication so that Ava can answer your questions or help you on your projects.

You can absolutely contact Ava for anything under the sun from quotes on your project or just to say hi. If you'd like a sampling of her expertise, you can check out the blog. If you'd simply like to know more about Ava, read the About page. Whatever you do, you are a welcome guest here on her website. Thanks for stopping by!

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I'm on a lot of different social networks, but I'm not super active on any of them. Email really is the best way to get in touch with me.

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