How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

Your Local Jane of all Trades and Online Swiss Army Knife

Virtual Assistant for Authors and Self-Publishers

Last Updated 12/19/2019 Hi, you have landed here most likely because you are looking for virtual assistant services. More specifically, you may be looking for a VA to help with your self-publishing business. You found...
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Podcast Virtual Assistant – Start a Podcast

Last Updates – 10/6/2019 Hey there, so you want to know how to start a podcast or you want some help with your existing show? Amazing. I can help. I had one friend take the...
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Hire a Writer | Freelance Content Writer | Copywriter

So, you need to hire a writer? It doesn’t matter what brought you here. It matters what I can do for you. It seems like you need some words. You need them to make sense...
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About Ava

about avaLast Updated – 11/17/2020

Hi, I’m Ava. I’ve been working online now both part and full-time since 2006. The Internet is an amazing tool that gives anyone who has access everything they need to create a business for themselves.

I spent a year exploring many of those possibilities with The Candid Cashflow Podcast

I’m completely self-taught. My background is in graphic design, but it’s not what I’m best at. I started online in the service realm writing articles in 2006.

That same year, I landed a job as a technical writer for a large equipment rental company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. That was HUGE for me because my official job title then included “writer”. That’s what I became.

Since that time, I’ve written tons of online content as well as blogs and books for both others and myself. Being completely self-taught means that I’ve often found avenues that cost me time rather than money.

I have a specialized skill set that is really difficult to explain. Out of necessity, I’ve figured out how to build assets for my business while not investing a ton of money.

Really, the only thing I’m not so great at is selling myself. This website is my attempt at doing that because underneath it all, I really want to help you succeed online. Contact me and let’s chat about how I can help you do that!

If you’d like to know more, I’ve attempted to provide you with sufficient information. Hover your cursor over the About Me link in my navigation above: 

You can find out more details about the work I do a couple of links down from that on. If you don’t see what you’ve looking for, you can always shoot me a quick email. I may know someone who can help if I can’t! 


Last Updated: 11/21/2020

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Simone Mueller, Author and Dog Trainer

Thank you very much Ava for also formatting my second book now. As usual, working with you was a pleasure! I appreciate you being friendly, reliable, prompt and very professional. I’m looking forward to working with you again!
All the best from Germany.

Ron Willets, Author

Writing is difficult enough but trying to publish can be exasperating.  Trying to meet the specifications for your work being acceptable for publishing is an unnecessary endurance test.  Ava made all that seem easy because of her extensive knowledge of what form meets publishing standards. As an author, you will not find a more helpful resource than Ava. Many thanks!

Mary Vogelsong, Author

My biggest stress in self-publishing used to be the technical side of things. How do I build a web site? How can I make referral links? Who will format my books for publication?

Now if I run into a hurdle, big or small, or just the need to seamlessly integrate all the facets of the indie publishing world, Ava is my technical pro! She is experienced and professional. I am exceptionally pleased with the quality of her work, and I’m sure you will be too!


Sandy G., Podcast Listener

Powerful! Rare! Most people are stuck and you provide candid information to improve their cash flow…

You are the antidote to “buying useless knowledge” to achieve goals. You go to the essence of what is needed to do things.

You’re an action taker. That’s a powerful statement. You break things down and remove any complexity which hampers understanding and action. That’s a great skill.

When I read your posts and listened to your videos, this is why I was attracted to your information. You break things down and find the “path of least resistance.” I think this is what you might want to emphasize to your audience on your platforms. You can help them breakthrough and find a way to do anything with minimal to no resources. All they need to do is ask the “right” questions and access the best solutions. Your books, site, and platform connect them to candid resources to achieve cashflow. I get it now.

As someone who wasn’t quite sure what you were doing, I felt uplifted and inspired to take in your offerings.

Terry Bryant, McHenryCreekFishers.com

I am new to publishing and did know where to turn so I went with a “large” publishing company out of NYC. (radio ads) They charged an arm and a leg for their services and all I got was a published book. I did not even have control of the book. They set the price and I could only send them keyword phrases once a quarter. They did zero promoting and I did not where to begin with that important element. The finished book was riddled with mistakes. Very poor editing.

Then I heard about Ava. (thanks DR) I have 5 more books I want to be published and now I won’t have to make the same mistake twice.

She has finished my second book and it is recently been released. She even found a way to get my first book away from NYC and now has it up and running. (properly edited of course) She built my website, my twitter account, my weekly blog, and they are all tied together. I’m 63 and would have never figured all that out.

I’m now a published author for one reason, Ava! (and as a comparison, she only charges a pinky toe)

If you have a manuscript or need a website built, better call AVA!

Dale L. Roberts, SelfPublishingWithDale.com

Over the past few years, my business was growing at a rate that I couldn’t keep up with the hectic demand of scaling. Naturally, I looked everywhere for ideal candidates to fill an assistant role yet all I found were inexperienced rookies I had to train for menial tasks. I was running out of time, money, and patience when a close friend recommended Ava Fails.

All I needed was proof that Ava could get to work without me:

•Worrying about her completing the tasks properly
•Billing me only for the work completed

Within one month of working with Ava, I became hooked for life. Ava Fails epitomizes the consummate professional. From her detailed reporting to precise billing to unique skill sets, Ava is the Swiss Army Knife for any business pro wanting to level-up their efforts.

Most notably, Ava helped with website development with WordPress, site SEO, email list building and management, and a bevy of other tasks in the self-publishing realm. Anyone who’s serious about growing their business needs to have someone like Ava in their lives. The investment is reasonable, and the return is exponential. 

Marrissa S., Color and Market

Ava was the star in my dark, dark night sky when I needed someone frank, practical and quick to help me take care of all my tech and minor WordPress needs.

Not only did we laugh, I knew I could trust her to complete work on time, and if not, communicate with me about the inability to meet a deadline (only happened once). If you’re looking for something reliable and easy to work with, Ava is your gal.

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