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I work for the BEST CLIENTS ON THE PLANET. Here's what they have to say about me. To see more or leave your own, please visit Testimonials in the navigation menu above.
testimonial dale l roberts

Dale L. Roberts

Within one month of working with Ava, I became hooked for life. Ava Fails epitomizes the consummate professional. From her detailed reporting to precise billing to unique skill sets, Ava is the Swiss Army Knife for any business pro wanting to level-up their efforts.

Terry Bryant

Terry Bryant

The Simple Man From Rural Arkansas

She has finished my second book and it is recently been released. She even found a way to get my first book away from NYC and now has it up and running. (properly edited of course) She built my web site, my twitter acoount, my weekly blog, and they are all tied together. I'm 63 and would have never figured all that out.

testimonial color and market

Marrissa S.

Strategy and Design by Marrissa Nicole

Ava was the star in my dark, dark night sky when I needed someone frank, practical and quick to help me take care of all my tech and minor Wordpress needs.


Yes! Ava blogs. These are mostly podcast episodes to help you turn your passion into cashflow!
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