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If you'd like to skip the backstory, scroll down for the poetry.

I hope this page doesn't seem out of place. I mean this is my website, and it's the best place to showcase what I do. I don't guess that means that it has to all be about business, right?

I had the good fortune of having a second grade teacher named Mrs. Cline who must have loved poetry because we memorized a poem each week. I still have the mimeographed copies of poems like Fog and The Pasture by Robert Frost, or The Goblin by Rose Fyleman.

Perhaps those will show up here eventually as I continue to add to this page.

I must also mention that our weekly visits to the school library also played a part. Mrs. LeCroy, the librarian, read us many great stories. I remember her reading The Boxcar Children, and The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever  which was one of my favorite books as a child. From her, I learned about the wonders of Ramona Quimby and Choose Your Own Adventure books.

I wasn't much of a reader, and I'm still not. I like to read, but the commitment of entire books is difficult for me. Thanks ADHD! That I read anything at all had to have been because of Mrs. LeCroy's enthusiasm. Among the many story books she shared with us, one poet stood out...the late, great Shel Silverstein.

I've worn out and given away copies of his poetry books like Where the Sidewalk Ends, and A Light in the Attic.

I believe this emphasis on poetry was the seed of my love for the genre.

As you may or may not know, my background is in writing. It's how I made money online first. I felt such a self-preservation about writing that I stopped offering it as a service because I didn't want to grow to hate it or burn out on it.

While I wrote my fair share of stories and papers coming up in school and college, poetry was the first thing that I wrote creatively.

I used to keep it all to myself. I couldn't bring myself to share it because it was so deeply personal. Many times, I used it as an outlet to channel deep and raw emotion. I still do.

As I get older, I become less afraid of someone seeing those pieces of me. It's become less about that and more about leaving a legacy. As a childless, 40-something woman, I struggle with what my legacy will be. Fame is unimportant to me. All I want the world to know is that I was...that's it. I was, and this is how I felt about it. I want words to be my legacy.

If I could touch one person, that would certainly be rewarding, but I can't say it would be fulfilling. I hope to becomepens of blood by ava fails fulfilled by my writing. I hope it helps others to become fulfilled in whatever they do. So, this is my means to that end. Enjoy.

If you resonate with any of my poetry, I would love and sincerely need, to hear from you. Click here to sound off.

If you'd like to add my work to your library, I have released my first book of poetry available in paperback and eBook on Amazon! >>>

Selected Poetry by Ava

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Backdrop Green

backdrop green by ava fails

Writing Is Bleeding

writing is bleeding by ava fails

Carolina Cardinals

carolina cardinals by ava fails


chains by ava fails


time by ava fails


where are you sleeping amelia by ava fails

Sailor's Delight

sailors delight by ava fails

Old Memories

old memories by ava fails

Mid-Life Pirate

mid life pirate by ava fails


memory by ava fails







Magnetic Poetry

Do you know what Magnetic Poetry is? It's poetry that is so fantastic, you can't look away. I'm kidding!

Magnetic Poetry was developed by Dave Kapell. I'm sure you've seen it in stores or on someone's fridge. It's words printed on magnets that you can arrange and rearrange into phrases, sentences, poems, or whatever!

Dave was having a bit of writer's block so he printed a bunch of words out to help him be inspired to write. He cut them apart and got to work, but noticed the tiny scraps wanted to fly around. That's when he added the words to sheets of magnet before cutting them apart. Magnetic Poetry was born. Be sure to read more about his story on the Magnetic Poetry website!

You can also play online, buy kits, and more there!

I find it inspiring when I want to develop new poetry, but am experiencing a bit of writer's block. I love it SO much that I've written several poems using it. You can see those below!

If you've ever seen it in the store then you know it's kind of expensive. Sure, you could just make your own if you have a printer, but if you don't, I have something for you!

If you didn't notice when you visited the MagPo website above, all of the word lists for every kit are available for download in PDF for FREE! I grabbed them ALL. You can download them right now, right here >>> https://heyyoava.com/magpo

I'd love to hear from you if you are using it to write!

Magnetic Poetry sure would make a GREAT smartphone app! There are a few imitators in the app stores, but none of them are quite up to par. I'm not sure why Dave doesn't come out with a couple apps. I sure would pay to use them!

And Coffee!

and coffee by ava fails

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