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Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Ava

I have 17 years of online content writing experience. I started writing SEO articles in 2006. I also landed my first professional writing job that year as a Technical Writer at a large equipment rental company based in Las Vegas, NV.

Since that time, I’ve focused heavily on writing. I’m also a published author 17 times over under multiple pen names.

My favorite thing to write are how to pieces and content that outlines resources and other helpful tools for people who work online.

I’ve completed a lot of writing for my main client while using his byline. I can verify this with a quick email if needed.

Here are some links to my writing online:

I’ve also put together a zip file containing writing samples. Inside this package you will find:

  • Self-Publishing on a Zero Budget – One of my published books. It illustrates my ability to write how to content.
  • 10007-002 Night Dispatcher Job Description D2 – Technical documentation a fuel company.
  • If This Then That Mini Course – Course I published free on my website.
  • Nintendo 2DS_3DS Quick Start Guide – Guide I wrote to accompany some refurbished devices I’ve sold online.
  • 10002-002 Spill Mitigations Standard Operating Procedures D2 – Technical documentation for a fuel company.
  • The Benefits of Self-Publishing To Print – Article I wrote for Miles Beckler.
  • 11055-001 – Technical documentation for a heavy equipment rental company.
  • 11729-001 D15 – Technical Documentation for a heavy equipment rental company.

Click here to download the zip file.

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