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Are you searching for affordable pricing options? Look no further!

I have carefully crafted pricing options to suit your needs. Please explore this whole page.

If you prefer a pay-as-you-go arrangement, my base rate is $40 per hour.

Methods of Communication

To provide the best service possible, I prefer to communicate exclusively via email. This allows me to focus on the details and work efficiently.

Phone and video calls can be disruptive to my workflow due to my ADHD. Additionally, written communication helps me stay on task and minimize interruptions, as I also assist in caring for my mother. 😢

I apologize if this communication preference is inconvenient for you. If it’s not a dealbreaker, please continue reading!

Pricing Your Project

I am flexible and willing to work with any budget. Many of my clients set a time limit for their projects to stay within their budget. For example, they may allocate only 2 hours per week for my assistance.

If you believe a flat fee would be more cost-effective for your project, I am open to negotiation. However, based on my experience, hourly rates are usually more affordable overall.

To recap, here are my skills.

Minimum Project Pricing

To ensure fairness, I have a 20-minute minimum charge. Even if your project takes less than 20 minutes, there will be a minimum fee of $25. This ensures that the time spent preparing the invoice is worthwhile.

Please note that this minimum charge applies per one-off project, not per task. Many tasks can be completed in less than 20 minutes. However, if the total invoiced time in a one-week period is less than 20 minutes, the minimum charge will still be $25.

I understand that this minimum charge might raise some concerns. Let me sweeten the deal for you. Unlike many other Virtual Assistants (VAs), I do not charge a retainer, late fees, or peak/off-hour fees.

2-Hour Trial Package

Please carefully review all the information about this package. If you have any questions, need to discuss a strict deadline, or want to confirm my availability, feel free to email me.

For new clients, I offer a 2-hour trial package. In the beginning, there can be uncertainties about project duration when both parties are unfamiliar with each other. By offering this package, I aim to provide a discounted trial period where we can get acquainted and assess project requirements.

You must utilize your 2 hours within 7 business days of purchase.
Price: $65

This package saves you $15!

NEW! $5 Services

There are many services that I’ve learned to do efficiently or invested in software that helps me do them quickly. I’m passing the time savings on to you monetarily. I’m here to help! So, here are a number of services that I offer for just $5.

Contact me with questions or bookings.

  • Keywords – I’ll create a list of long-tail keywords for KDP or search engines. For KDP, I use Publisher Rocket.
  • Categories – I’ll deliver as many categories as I find relevant with Publisher Rocket and you can choose the 3 that best fit your book.
  • Social Media Posts – 25 posts with emojis and relevant hashtags for the platform of your choice (images not included): X, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Book Description – A book description optimized with your keywords.
  • Mockups – 50 mockups of your book.
  • Author Bio – An optimized author bio for your author pages. Short bio included for Goodreads, X, etc.
  • Product Descriptions – 10 optimized product descriptions.
  • Troubleshooting – I’ll troubleshoot your publishing or WordPress errors.
  • Quotes – 50 quotes to post on social media.
  • Stock Images – 25 stock images related to your niche.
  • Emails – 3 emails for your autoresponder, to build rapport with your list, to launch your book, or whatever you need!
  • Summaries – I will summarize any text data into a short description you can understand.
  • Research – I’ll research your topic online.
  • Business – I’ll provide you with a list of catchy business names.
  • Content Ideas – I’ll create a huge list of content ideas based on your niche.
  • Detect AI Content – I’ll check your text for AI content.
  • Proofreading – I’ll proofread 5 pages.
  • eBook Formatting – I’ll format your text-only eBook of 40,000 words or less including clickable TOC.

Things to Consider

If my rates appear higher than expected, please take into account that I operate as an independent contractor. This means I’m responsible for covering my own taxes and additional benefits, such as retirement savings and medical insurance.

My Personal Guarantee

I strive to exceed expectations with my work. I personally guarantee a thorough job on your project, always mindful of your time and money.

Accepted Payment Options

Most of my clients prefer to pay via PayPal. I send out an invoice at the end of each week for the completed work. PayPal allows payments using your PayPal balance or the four major credit and debit cards.

I also accept Zelle and Cash App.

Furthermore, I can accommodate Stripe and Payoneer payments.

If you require an alternative payment arrangement, please email me.

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