This is always the burning question, isn't it?

I have worked diligently to put together affordable pricing options for you.

If you would like to hire me to work with you and pay as you go, my base is $40 per hour. See below for my starter package! Discount included!

New! Fiverr Gigs

I recently decided to start offering some select Fiverr Gigs. You can find those below and I'll add any new ones in as I launch them over on Fiverr.

Project Pricing Minimum

I have a 20-minute minimum. This means even if your project takes me less than 20 minutes, I have to charge a minimum of $25. 

Otherwise, it's not even worth the time it takes me to prepare the invoice.

Let me just clarify, this is not per task. Many, many tasks take me less than 20 minutes to complete. This is per one-off project. If I'm invoicing you for less than 20 minutes in a one-week period, the minimum will be $25.

Methods of Communication

I do not keep a business phone. I've set a personal boundary when it comes to phone and/or video calls. I don't do them for multiple reasons:

  • I used to do phone work for a living, and honestly, no one can pay me enough to talk on the phone
  • As someone with ADHD, phone calls and "meetings" derail my ability to complete tasks efficiently by disrupting my hyperfocus superpower
  • My ability to communicate verbally is less effective, and I retain less information
  • Having the written record helps me stay on task and bother you less
  • I help care for my mother

I communicate almost exclusively via email. This allows me to pay close attention to the details, and it's how I work best.

I understand this might be an inconvenience for you. If it's not a dealbreaker for you, keep reading!

Pricing Your Project

I will work with any budget.

I have many clients who set a time limit for me so they can stay within their budget. It's common for clients to have me only work 2 hours per week on their projects.

I am also willing to negotiate a flat fee for your project if you feel that would be more cost-effective for you.

Just to recap, here are my skills.


I've put together a starter package to help you better understand how I work and how much I can get done on your project in a set amount of time. There's also a built-in discount!

Interested in a custom package? I'd be happy to put one together for you! Shoot me an email and let's talk about it!

NEW! Platform and Marketing Packages!

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2-Hour Trial Package

Please read ALL of the information about this package.

If you have any questions, a strict deadline, or want to check my availability, email me.

I have a 2-hour trial package for new clients.

It seems there's always an initial uncertainty about how long a project might take in the beginning when you don't know me, and I don't know you. Since I end up usually putting in an initial 2 hours just to feel everything out anyway, I thought I'd make it a package and slap a discount on it.

You must use your 2 hours within 7 business days of purchase.


You Save $30!

Things to Consider

If my rates seem a bit pricey to you, I hope you will consider that I'm an independent contractor. That means that I'm responsible for paying my own taxes. I'm also responsible for any additional benefits like savings for retirement or medical insurance.

My Personal Guarantee

It is always my intention to over-deliver on my work. My personal guarantee to you is to do a thorough job on your project, always being mindful of your time and money.

Accepted Payment Options

Most of my clients use PayPal to pay me via an invoice that I send out at the end of each week for the work completed. PayPal allows payment using your PayPal balance or the 4 major credit and debit cards.

I accept Zelle, Venmo, and Cash App.

I can also accept Stripe and Payoneer payments.

I accept the following Cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin - 323Jk5hJ5W51K6MzVGRvzZ1MVDiZSUP9KD
  • Ethereum - 0xe0DA45a7b79DFBD55bD39Db903f3b5ACaAcB5417
  • Dogecoin - DNsWzVaDp2wcc6h47N2xssR7vh49dGquji
  • Litecoin - MCzNxszaUHw36pqKRakC7Ez2CGYa8cELzY

If you need to make another arrangement, email me.

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