Have you ever considered sending out a newsletter?Newsletter

If you know anything about email marketing, building a list, and the like, then you know a newsletter can be a great asset.

Maybe you’ve done a newsletter before to only get mediocre results.

I understand. It’s a lot of effort to put into something only to have it return fruitless.

The simple truth is that ¬†newsletters aren’t for everyone.

If you’re not producing content regularly, and you don’t have anything to offer your subscribers, including a lot of free stuff, then a newsletter probably won’t help you.

However, if you have a lot to share with your customers, and you have a lot of lead magnets laying around, then you need to be distributing that content and using it to generate new customers!

Benefits of Sending Out a Newsletter

So you don’t want to just send out rehashed content to your subscribers. You want to send out old stuff mixed with new stuff and exclusive offers.

Check out these benefits:

  • Easy and cheap compared to direct mail
  • Build backlinks to your website
  • Maintain control over your brand
  • Generate sales
  • Keep subscribers updated
  • Recycle older content

The list could go on. Can your business benefit from any of that up there ^?

I bet so.

A newsletter is truly an asset to your business. It is content in and of itself that you can send out via social media and archive on your website.

Let’s start building your list today!

Email Marketing Platforms

There are a ton of platforms you can use to begin building your list so you have contacts to send your newsletter to.

Here are a few:

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact
  • Active Campaign

Most of these are way affordable for any business, and at least one of them is free if you have under 2000 subscribers. All of them have a trial period where you can try their service out. I recommend starting with Mailchimp because it’s free and has all the functionality you need to run effective email marketing campaigns for your business.

I recommend that you start building your email list from DAY ONE.

Even if there’s no other content on your website, your form should be up capturing email addresses. This is the best and cheapest asset you can build for your business online.

I Want to Start Today

Let’s do it! Head over here and send me an email with a few brief details about what you need, and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

I can get you started today!

I offer two services to get your newsletter up and running:

  1. Build a template using your email marketing platform that you can plug your content into time and again
  2. Prepare your newsletter on a predetermined time frame and send it out for you

If you’d like me to manage your newsletter, smash that button ^

Examples of My Work

I currently manage a couple newsletters for clients in addition to to my own. You can view a couple of examples below.

In addition, you can view the newsletter archives for these clients as well for more examples.

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