This is always the burning question, isn’t it?pricing

If you would like to hire me to work with you, my base is $20 per hour. If you want to talk on the phone, it’s twice that. (I’m kidding, but I really hate talking on the phone, or Skype, or any of that jazz.)

Too much? Are your eyes going like this o_O?

I like to work with any budget. Shoot me an email and let’s talk. I’ll reply within 24 hours and this will open a line of communication so we can chat about your project. I have been known to work for a flat fee if that’s better for my clients from time to time.

Things to Consider

If my hourly rate seems a bit pricey to you, I hope you will consider that I’m an independent contractor. That means that I’m responsible for paying my own taxes (they aren’t automatically taken out of my check). I’m also responsible for any additional benefits like savings for retirement or medical insurance which is more expensive as an individual rather than part of a company.

There was a time when I would have felt someone making $20 per hour was really raking it in, but in 2017, that’s not so much the case anymore. These are important things to consider if you are thinking about working from home. Once you get things figured out, it’s not so bad and just as routine as a regular job, but can be a challenge at first.

My Personal Guarantee

I make it my business to WOW my clients, if you will. It is always my intention to over-deliver on my work. My personal guarantee to you is to do a thorough job on your project always being mindful of your time and money.

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