I’m a complete WordPress fanatic. using wordpress

There is just nothing else like this fantastic platform for web development. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish online, you can do it with WordPress.

I invested my time in learning WordPress early when I started in online marketing over a decade ago. Back then, you had to use FTP to update your WordPress site, add plugins, and to add themes. I still thought it was easy and great.

If you don’t know what FTP is, it stands for File Transfer Protocol. You use a third party piece of software to log into the hosting control panel of your website and upload files. It’s kind of complicated, but that is no more.

sure, you can still use FTP to add things to your WordPress site, but for the most part WordPress has developed an interface to add new elements such as plugins and themes.

I tell you all this to say that WordPress is easier to use than ever!

Using WordPress

By using WordPress, you just un-complicated your life.

Listen, there’s a lot to learn with WordPress, but learning WordPress is an asset because anything you want to do online, you can accomplish through a WordPress site.

Ecommerce? Yes!

Membership site? Yes!

Portfolio site? Absolutely!

Podcast site? Heck yeah!

Forums? Indeed.

That’s not all. I really mean anything and everything.

Clearing Any WordPress.com Confusion

Let me clarify when I’m here spewing my enthusiasm about WordPress, that I’m not talking about WordPress.com, the free blogging site.

I’m talking about WordPress.org where you buy yourself a domain, some hosting, and you install your own instance of WordPress software on it for FREE. This is where you have full control.

WordPress.com is great if you want to see what WordPress is like on the back end, but you really can’t use it to accomplish much else.

Having your own self-hosted WordPress site is the ultimate in Internet real estate. Here are a few sites you may know that are built on WordPress:

I’m telling you like a friend. WordPress is where it’s at!

Using WordPress: What You Need

You need a few things to get WordPress up and running, but it’s cheap and easy.

  1. Domain – A domain can cost anywhere from 88 cents up to thousands of dollars. Your’s probably won’t cost you more than $12 or so. It depends!
  2. Hosting – Get a yearly or monthly plan. Prices vary, but you can get started for as low as $2.95.
  3. WordPress installed – Any host worth their salt will have one-click install for WordPress. Easy peasy.

Convinced? Let’s Do This!

If you’d like more information on getting WordPress set up, email me and briefly explain your needs and goals. I will reply with a plan within 24 hours and we can move forward and get you online….sometimes in the same day!

WordPress Sites I Have Built and/or Maintain

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