I recently created a Patreon page. As I was preparing exclusive content for that page, it dawned on me that I was creating EXCLUSIVE content for a page that wasn’t my website. Once I put that content on that page, it would devalue that content if I did decide to use it elsewhere. Also, in order to promote that content, I’d have to promote a website that wasn’t my own.

This is not a dis toward Patreon, I just realized that service is designed for creators, specifically YouTubers, whose central hub on the Internet may not necessarily be their website.

I really like the model of being able to support the creators I enjoy for as little as a dollar, and that’s what attracted me first to Patreon. It just doesn’t work for me as well as a written and audio content creator where I’m trying to build my audience on my own website.

So, I’ve created a Members area here at for my supporters where I’ll be providing exclusive content that you can’t get anywhere else. This content will consist of courses, eBooks, videos, and just whatever I create that I feel will be of value to my users. This content will all be added to the Cornerstones page here on my website. You can grab what you find useful. I won’t be sending out a bunch of emails or anything like that.

It’s just simply a place where you can support me and receive some awesome stuff in return. You’ll also have direct access to me here via the comment system. So for a buck, get some great content and have your questions answered.

Thanks for being here.

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