Keywords and Categories (Amazon)


Upon purchase of this package, I will research your keywords and categories using Publisher Rocket.

This package is applicable to any and all self-publishers who are publishing in any genre using Amazon KDP.

-  7 keywords utilizing as much of the 50-character limit for each slot as possible (based on this information from the Kindlepreneur)

-  Up to 10 categories (Yes, I know there's only space for 2, but did you know you can email KDP and request to be added to up to 10 categories?)

-  An optimized book description (Yep, we're going to include your keywords naturally in the copy.)

-  Optimized title and subtitle (We will suggest a title and subtitle that is optimized to sell your book.)


The Audit


I will explore your entire platform and book catalog looking for areas where quick improvements will result in more sales.

This package is applicable to any independent author looking for how they can improve their sales.

-  Actionable steps for areas where you can improve quickly and easily

-  Best practices to help you generate more books sales

-  A detailed plan to help you get your platform in order so that you can promote your books more effectively


Book Launch Package


Let's get to work. An effective book launch takes effort. Make short work of it with this copy/paste social posts and email copy.

This package is applicable to any independent author planning to release a new book. You should have your social media and email list squared away.

-  Email series for your autoresponder announcing and promoting your new book - 3 custom emails to let your subscribers know about your upcoming release

-  25 Social media posts - including blurb and hashtags. Just copy/paste and insert your universal books links. (Need universal book links? I'll tell you how and where to get them free.)

-  75+ Mockups you can use everywhere

-  List of relevant hashtags tailored to your genre


Get Reviews


Reviews are important, but they aren't everything. Your strategy for getting reviews should appeal to those who have actually read your book.

This package is applicable to any and all self-publishers looking to increase the review count on existing books or upcoming releases. You should have an email list.

-  Special review links to all of your books

-  Review request copy for inside your books

-  An email series for your autoresponder imploring your audience to write a review - 3 custom emails to build rapport with your readers so they want to leave a review


Marketing 101 Package


When you purchase this package, I will build a website for you on WordPress and set up your email marketing platform so you can begin building your email list.

This package is applicable to you if you have an audience of any size and you're looking to promote and sell your books from your own website. A blog is a great way for non-fiction authors to establish authority.

-  1 year domain*

-  1 year of hosting on Siteground includes a custom email account (A $180 value!)*

-  A 4 or 5 page WordPress website (depends on if you want a blog or not)

-  A MailerLite account

-  Your email opt-in form on your website

* Your domain and hosting will need to be renewed annually (about $100 for the year). We'll get in touch and remind you.


<<<<<< Is that you when it comes to book marketing?


What about building your author platform?

Author platform and book marketing are not the same things.

Your website, social media, email list...that's your platform.

Networking, posting, building relationships, getting reviews, that's marketing and promotion.

There are a lot of gray areas.

Let's see if we can clear some of this up and give you some tools!

I Can't Market Your Book for You...

That's a full-time job that requires intimate knowledge of your book, genre, audience, and every other aspect of your business.

YOU are the only one with that intimate knowledge, and the only one who can market your books.

You should question people who tell you they can market your book. Most likely they are just building platform infrastructure.

So, why do I have this marketing page selling marketing stuff on my website? 

This is mostly platform.

These assets that I build for you as elements of your platform have a two-fold purpose. They also serve as guides to help you market and promote your books.

For example, if you purchase my Keywords and Categories package, you'll be using the assets I provide for you during the publishing process.

If you purchase my Book Launch package, you'll be using the assets to plan and execute your next book launch.

I get it. We all just want to plug our books into a "system" that will automatically churn out sales. It doesn't exist.

Sales are the direct result of your consistent hard work. I can only guide you.

To that end, I have carefully crafted these packages for you.

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