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<<<<<< Is that you when it comes to book marketing?

What about building your author platform?

Author platform and book marketing are not the same things.

Your website, social media, email list...that's your platform.

Networking, posting, building relationships, getting reviews, that's marketing and promotion.

There are a lot of gray areas.

Let's see if we can clear some of this up and give you some tools!

I Can't Market Your Book for You...

That's a full-time job that requires intimate knowledge of your book, genre, audience, and every other aspect of your business.

YOU are the only one with that intimate knowledge, and the only one who can market your books.

You should question people who tell you they can market your book. Most likely they are just building platform infrastructure.

Sure, you can hire people to do aspects of marketing for you, but that's only one piece of a giant puzzle.

So, why do I have this marketing page selling marketing stuff on my website? 

This is mostly platform.

These assets that I build for you as elements of your platform have a two-fold purpose. They also serve as guides to help you market and promote your books.

For example, if you purchase my Keywords and Categories package, you'll be using the assets I provide for you during the publishing process.

If you purchase my Book Launch package, you'll be using the assets to plan and execute your next book launch.

I get it. We all just want to plug our books into a "system" that will automatically churn out sales. It doesn't exist.

Sales are the direct result of your consistent hard work. I can only guide you.

To that end, I have carefully crafted these packages for you.

See something you like? Shoot me an email. All payments for these packages are due up front and I'll send you an invoice via PayPal.

Keywords and Categories (Amazon)

Upon purchase of this package, I will research your keywords and categories using Publisher Rocket.


The Audit

I will explore your entire platform and book catalog looking for areas where quick improvements will result in more sales.


Book Launch Package

Let's get to work. An effective book launch takes effort. Make quick work of it with this detailed checklist and much more for an explosive launch!


Get Reviews

Reviews are important, but they aren't everything. Your strategy for getting reviews should appeal to those who have read your book.


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