Five Amazon Business Models Anyone Can Start – The Candid Cashflow Podcast – Episode 12

Last Updated on September 28, 2022 by Ava

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amazon business modelsI have little news before we get started…

As I’ve shared openly on The Candid Cashflow Podcast, my day-to-day work is as Virtual Assistant to the most amazing clients on the planet.

That could be evolving very soon!

I’ve been self-publishing since 2011. A good number of my clients are also self-publishers. That gives me the opportunity to hear their experiences. What I’ve found is there are a lot of agencies out there that over-charge and under-deliver. Their clientele are often less Internet savvy storytellers with a lot of passion. I hate seeing those people basically get ripped off.

So, I’ve decided to do something about it. I’m planning to launch a full-service self-publishing agency in April that will be reasonably priced and deliver on its promises. Just as I do with my freelancing business.

I am beyond excited!

As of right now, I’m planning to continue with The Candid Cashflow Podcast, but things could change. I’ll keep you posted.

Now…on to the show!

In this episode I want to discuss 5 of the business opportunities presented by Amazon.

Amazon is a huge company and if you are keeping up with current events at all, then you might know Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, recently became the richest man on the planet…supposedly.

I say “supposedly” because I think they omit some global players from that list like the Princes of Saudi Arabia and the Rothschild family.

Anyway, a lot of people don’t like Amazon. They see it as a threat to small, local business and I completely understand.

You can certainly look at Amazon as the bad guy…a virtual Walmart seeking world domination. Let me ask you this…what opportunity does Walmart offer you to build your own profitable small business?

None that I’m aware of…but Amazon on the other hand has 5 right off the top of my head that almost anyone can start.

Let’s check them out!

1. Amazon Associatesamazon associates

Amazon Associaates is Amazon’s affiliate program. It’s free and easy to join. Just visit for details on how to join and any restrictions that may apply to your location.

You can pretty much promote almost any product that Amazon sells. Commission percentages can be pretty low, but you can earn a decent amount on high-end products.

You may have noticed that a lot of YouTubers use Amazon Associates to promote the video equipment they use personally.

In my opinion, everyone who is eligible should get in on this program and promote the products they use personally.

amazon seller central2. Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA

To enroll in FBA, you need an Amazon Seller account. You can set up your account by visiting If you are just selling on the side as an individual, this is free. If you’re making a business of it, your seller account is $39.99 per month. That’s a steal since Amazon will be handling the packing, shipping, and customer service for you.

All you need to do is set up your account, create your product listings on Amazon, and ship your products to Amazon.

If you are creative and knowledgeable, you can source your products from thrift stores…even Dollar Tree or stores like Marshall’s And T.J. Maxx.

3. Merch by Amazonmerch by amazon

Merch is a platform where you can upload your unique t-shirt designs a


nd Amazon will print and ship the ones you sell. You earn monthly royalties. There are people making super good money doing just that.

This opportunity requires a little bit of skill, but if you can slap some text on a transparent background, you’re in business! If you’d like some training on how to do that, let me know! Shoot me an email from my website at

You can apply for your Merch account at There are many costly programs out there, but I’ve found that sticking to my own ideas and just running them through a search to see if it’s been done is most effective.

That way, I don’t get hung up on what everyone else is doing.

Be sure to grab the show notes for this episode at for some extra resource links if you want to try Merch.

kindle direct publishing

4. Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP

This is my personal favorite and my top money-maker of all the Amazon business models.

Amazon pioneered self-publishing with KDP. They provided a simple solution so self-proclaimed authors everywhere could tell and sell their own stories much to the horror of the traditional publishing world.

11 years after KDP’s launch in November of 2007, the stigma of self-publishing has lessened a bit, millionaires have been made, and the book publishing landscape has forever changed in favor of independent authors everywhere.


Hey Gamers! This one is for you!

I can’t imagine a more perfect scenario than being able to monetize something you do for recreation.

This is the epitome of what The Candid Cashflow Podcast is all about…turning your passion into cashflow!

That’s exactly what allows you to do if gaming is your passion! You can stream so much more than gaming too! I’ve seen people stream their art and crafting sessions, so be creative!

Sign up for an account, set up to broadcast from your gaming device, set up a PayPal account, and start earning! It’s that simple.

Grab the show notes for more information on earning with Twitch.

If you play video games at all, you should seriously consider checking into Twitch!

That’s a Wrap!

This episode is a bit shorter than some of my previous ones. I’d love to know if you prefer shorter episodes.

I know it varies from person to person.

If you enjoyed this episode, I hope you will consider subscribing to The Candid Cashflow Podcast. You can find us in your favorite app by visiting

That’s going to do it for this episode. Until next time…turning your passion into cashflow!

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