How To Make Money Online Fast, Free, and From Home – The Candid Cashflow Podcast – Episode 11

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how to make money online fastI love sharing ways to make money online. It’s my passion. The Internet is a lot of things: a news source, entertainment, social interaction, information…and yes, some less savory things like ooo, the, airquotes, deep web! *gasp

The Internet is also an endless resource to make money. If you can harness that resource, the Internet could be your ticket to financial and time freedom.

Who in their right mind doesn’t want that?

I’ve been chasing it for more than a decade, and I’m halfway there.

There’s people out there who would say if I haven’t figured it out by now, then I should throw in the towel. My last name might be Fails, but notice that it has nothing to do with quitting.

I have a wide array of knowledge and experience I would not have had otherwise, and I’m honing and shaping it on a daily basis. That’s something you can’t duplicate or put a price on.

I’ve already covered multiple ways to make money online because, well, that’s what The Candid Cashflow Podcast is all about.

If you love lists as much as I do, check out Episode 2 where we discussed 5 ways to turn your passion into cashflow. Then in Episode 4, we discussed 18 opportunities to make passive income.

Now I’m back to talk about ways to make money online fast, free, and from home.

Are You Desperate?

A lot of people turn to the Internet when they are desperate. I’ve been guilty of this in the past. There’s a thought that the Internet is “easy money”, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The thing that tons of gurus out there fail to tell you is that making money online is the same as making money offline. Sometimes you need capital, and it always takes time and hard work. These are things that don’t work with desperation.

You can absolutely use the ideas I share on The Candid Cashflow Podcast to make money online, but it will take patience, perseverance, and passion…the 3 P’s that don’t include D’s…so no desperation.

If you need money fast, sell anything you don’t need to get some cash flow.

Let’s talk about how to make money online fast, free, and from home!

I’m going to keep this as organized as possible. That way, you can skip ahead to the methods that really interest you whether you are reading or listening to this episode.

I have categorized the methods as follows:

  • Freelancing – performing services for others
  • Affiliate Marketing – selling other’s products
  • Selling Your Own Products
  • Lead Generation
  • Work at Home Jobs
  • Be An Expert
  • How To Avoid Scams

Freelancing – Performing Services for Othersfreelancing

This is one of the quickest ways to make money online and there are a few ways to go about it. As a full-time Virtual Assistant, this is currently how I make my living.

While it’s not passive, freelancing can pay very well. The only requirement is to have a talent or skill that is in demand. Some of the services I provide are editing, formatting, and publishing to Amazon. I also provide all kinds of WordPress services, create newsletters, more. A decade affords me a lot of skills.

The key to the success of any freelancing business is the ability to acquire clients…people willing to pay for your services. The top 3 places to find clients quickly are:

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Facebook Groups

Upwork and Fiverr can be hard because it’s difficult to stand out in the crowd, but keep at it and you will get clients eventually. Be consistent in applying for jobs. Tweak your Fiverr gigs until they sell.

Facebook Groups are my favorite way to get clients because a part of my pay doesn’t go to the platform as it does with Upwork and Fiverr. They both take 20% which I think is too much in my opinion. However, if you are unable to find clients on your own, they can be the catalyst that gets the job done. I have been there and done that.

A note on Facebook Groups…you can’t just jump in a Group and spam it looking for work. Find and join Groups that fit your interests and skill set. For example, I’ve found client in self-publishing Groups where I’ve participated in the discussion before pitching for clients.

Here’s a list of freelancing methods that make money online:

  1. Video Production – Filming and editing
  2. Audio Editing
  3. Copywriting
  4. Editing/Proofreading/Formatting
  5. SEO
  6. Content creation
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Article Writing
  9. Graphic Design
  10. Web Development
  11. Coding/Programming
  12. Photography
  13. Transcription
  14. Translation
  15. Voice Talent
  16. Bookkeeping
  17. Coaching and Consulting

These are all services that you can find on Upwork or provide via Fiverr, Groups, and even your own website.

Most of these pay a minimum of $10 per hour for entry level up to hundreds of dollars for top-notch skill. You can also negotiate flat rates and make even more.

affiliate marketingAffiliate Marketing – Selling Other’s Services and Products

Affiliate marketing mostly consists of selling the services and products of others, and there are many ways to go about it.

The key to making money with affiliate marketing is knowing how to get your link in front of as many people as possible, whether it is organic or paid traffic.

The best products and services to affiliate with are ones you use personally. For example, each of podcasts has a sponsored link. These are products and services that I use personally and recommend. When I mention them, I include my affiliate link. When someone buys through my link, I receive a commission.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make through affiliate marketing. You are only limited by the size of your audience or your wallet.

Here’s a list of general affiliate sites to get you started:

  1. Amazon
  2. Clickbank
  3. Commission Junction
  4. DigiResults
  5. JVZoo
  6. Warrior +
  7. Rakuten
  8. ShareASale

Selling Your Own Productsselling your own products

If you do well with affiliate marketing, this is boss level stuff right here.

If you create your own products, there is a myriad of ways to sell them. You can even sell on multiple platforms and you could find yourself with your own army of affiliates promoting your products and services.

You can sell anything under the sun from your own website. Depending upon what you create, there is probably more than one platform for you to leverage in addition to your own website.

For example, once I began The Candid Cashflow Podcast, I was able to expand my web presence onto a number of new platforms focused on audio. This type of expansion opens up new audiences you would have never reached before.

Let’s start with a list of places you can sell anything from old junk to new products:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Facebook Buy & Sell
  4. Bonanza – eBay’s biggest competitor

So, what about digital products?

  1. Payloadz
  2. eBay – Yes! You can sell digital products on eBay!
  3. Udemy
  4. Lynda
  5. Clickbank
  6. JVZoo
  7. Warrior +
  8. DigiResults
  9. Flippa

Do you enjoy crafting?

There are many different sites for selling handmade products too. Unique handmade gifts are big business. This was something focused on in Episode 2 as well. Remember, I talked about Katwise and her handmade coats created from old sweaters?

She is one of many people making their living creating handmade crafts they love to make. Check out Leah over at Little Lazies.

Considering these 2 crafters, all it takes is a unique product to make a living online.

Here’s a list of marketplaces where you can sell your crafts and other handmade goods:

  1. Etsy
  2. DeviantArt
  3. ArtFire – Owned by Amazon
  4. Big Cartel
  5. eBay

Whatever you have, no matter what your create, there’s a way to sell it online.

lead generationLead Generation

There are companies out there who pay handsomely for leads. Lead generation is big business.

Earning from lead generation can take on many forms. You might choose a niche, create a squeeze page, and build a list you can then sell. This works well on a local level.

You might build a site for a business so they can generate their own leads. This is valuable and goes along the whole “teach a man to fish” line.

If you run paid traffic to CPA or cost per action offers, you can earn for leads that way as well.

CPA marketers are super quiet about their tactics for earning. You can find a lot of banter online, but nothing concrete. You can even try a thousand different methods for CPA but the only way to find what works is to experiment yourself.

If you find what works for you with CPA, you can basically print money.

Here’s a list of CPA networks where you can join and start promoting offers:

  1. Peerfly
  2. MaxBounty
  3. CPAGrip
  4. Offervault
  5. OgAds

Work From Home Jobs

If you want the security of employment while working from home, there are companies that hire home workers. You just have to know where and how to look for them.

You might just find yourself as the newest hire at Disney, Apple, or Amazon because yes! All of these companies hire remote workers.

Here are some more opportunities:

  1. LiveOps – The Uber of call centers
  2. Rev
  3. Lionbridge
  4. Appen
  5. Leapforce
  6. Upwork

Perhaps you want to shop around a little bit before you settle on a work at home position. Here’s a list of place where you can do that:

  1. Work Online subreddit
  2. – Put “Remote” as your location

Be An Expertexpert

There’s this quote…I don’t know where it originated, but it says:

If you read 5 books on a subject, you know more than 99% of the population on that topic.

People are still willing to pay you for what you know. I get paid all the time because I have certain skills and knowledge.

While you can currently get paid directly from Quora or Yahoo Answers, you can use both to drive traffic to your website and turn that traffic into money.

There are websites out there that pay for expertise like JustAnswer, KGB, and Ether, but the amount you can earn isn’t great. You can make money with your knowledge by sharing on YouTube, your own site, social media, and other places like that.

Avoiding Scams

If you’re new to looking for work online, you may be concerned with scams. I completely understand. It’s for this reason that I’ve intentionally omitted sites like Craigslist from this  episode.

The good news is that the Internet as a whole is more resistant to scammers than ever before. If your gut doesn’t inform you of a shady situation, then a quick Google search will.

If you’re still unsure, I’m willing to help you vet any opportunity you consider. Run it by me at

That’s a Wrap

I really appreciate you stopping by. You are the reason I created The Candid Cashflow Podcast. If you find this broadcast helpful, please consider subscribing to the show. Find us in your favorite app at

Remember, I also send out a weekly newsletter with all of my latest content as well as content from people just like you in my network. You can subscribe at

Until next time…turning your passion into cashflow.

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