A New Strategy for Leveling Up

Last Updated on September 28, 2022 by Ava

I did some studying this weekend, and it’s high time that I develop a plan, implement it, and take my small empire to the next level.


Create content that helps and inspires while generating a full-time income that meets my financial goals.

That goal includes a lot of ideas. There’s a certain path I’d like people to take with me, and there are certain people I want to help. I will be looking for ways to target a specific audience.

For example, I would like to help people coming out of prison and looking for legit ways to make money. I do not want to work with prisoners/ex-cons directly. I’d love to, but I can’t. I want to create content to help them find meaningful ways to support themselves well.

I want to help people who are juggling minimum wage jobs trying to scrape by.

I want to help people in my state and community.

I want to help people who are struggling.

I’m not looking to be a savior, I’m looking to share THE Savior, Jesus Christ without ramming religion down throats. I want to do these things because these are the desires given to me by my Heavenly Father. It’s up to YOU to decide how that relates to you if at all.

WHERE – My Sandbox

This will be taking place mostly here, but some content will also appear on CandidCashflow.com. I will track my progress and share content that pertains to this journey here on HeyYoAva.com while podcast content and money-making stuff will go on CandidCashflow.com.

Here’s my Goals page where you can follow along with my progress on my goals.


I will be drawing from my personal knowledge of Internet Marketing as well as these two articles that I studied over the weekend:

  1. How to Learn Digital Marketing for (Nearly) Free in 6 Months
  2. The Wiki Strategy – How to Grow Your Blog to 100K+ Monthly Visitors – Disclaimer: I do NOT agree with using Wikipedia as a source.

Sometimes, all you need is a solid plan that has worked for someone else. The caveat is knowing that the “someone else” isn’t full of it.

I’m going to be choosing a minimum of 1 of each of the following:

Acquisition Skills
SEOSearch Engine MarketingAdvertising
Social MediaAffiliate MarketingInfluencer Marketing
Viral MarketingPublicityCommunities
Other Platforms
Retention Skills
Email MarketingCommunity Building
Social MediaNotifications
Engagement Channels
SnapchatTik TokPinterest
Conversion Skills
Landing Page DesignEmail Marketing

Here’s my stack that I chose:

  • SEO/Blogging, Other Platforms
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Copywriting

For my “other platforms”, I’ll be syndicating my content from both websites to Medium and LinkedIn Articles just to name a couple. I will be researching ongoing opportunities and creating a product on where and how to syndicate content.

I will continue writing my list every day, and I’ll be testing ways to get more opt-ins.

I’ve chosen Facebook as my engagement channel. It was between Facebook and Twitter, and I feel like more people use Facebook so it’s more likely that my audience will be there. I will be using Pinterest as well. Other social media posting will be automated.

What a great opportunity to practice and improve my writing!

This is where I’ll be focusing in an attempt to level up my online business. I am hoping to phase out client work.


I’m going to be tracking my experiments using a copy of the spreadsheet from the article above. I made a template in Google Sheets, so you can grab it as well. Just click the link and select File>Make a copy to add it to your own Drive.

leveling up

Initially, I will be focusing on my acquisition channel: SEO/Blogging.

I will be making my opt-in form the most prominent feature and running experiments to drive traffic to it.

I will keep this post updated, but most of my progress will be chronicled on my Goals page. When I create new content in regard to this journey, I’ll notify my email list first, so, be sure to subscribe if you’re interested in following along.

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